Message from the KSLIA Chair February 2015

Message from the KSLIA Chair

February 2015

KSLIA is all of us. If KSLIA fails to deliver, it is all of us who have failed to deliver because the organization is simply our agent. We are the principals and our organization simply acts on our behalf. In a democratic dispensation, the organization is only one element co-existing in a social fabric of many varied organizations.

Members of an organization should share in the responsibility of joining with others to shape the future of the organization. As KSLIA members, we must take responsibility for the fate of our organization, in the end we will rejoice when we take the organization to the next level and achieve the progress that our hearts yearn for. This is what KSLIA leadership has endeavored to do together with those who mean well for the profession.

Therefore KSLIA office bearers act for the interests of the organization and not for personal interests. Where personal interests exist, the organizations’ interests must always carry the day. The current office bearers have therefore always acted for the interest of the organization. Some may not be pleased especially if they want to have their way. BUT anyone in our position would always do what the office demands i.e doing what is right to ensure the organizations’ interests always prevail.

Consequently, as an office, we may have rubbed some interpreters the wrong way as we execute our mandate BUT let it be clear to all of you that it is nothing personal. It is what the position we are in demands. It requires us to EXECUTE OUR MANDATE even when it doesn’t please everyone as long, as it is the right thing to do. This we will continue to do without fear or favour for the benefit of us all for it is the only way we can achieve the progress we yearn for.


God Bless you all

KSLIA National Chairperson

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KSLIA continues to support the establishment of a training program and a certification process for it's membership. KSLIA envisions its role in a three pronged approach - the three C's - Certification of members, Continuing education for the practicing Interpreters and Conflict resolution through enforcement of the Code of Ethics.

Kenyan Interpreters

Kenyan Interpreters
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Friday, August 23, 2013

List of KSLIA Officials 2000 - 2013

KSLIA Officials 2012 - Present
Chair - Leonida Tausi Kaula
V.Chair - Jack Owiti (elected) 
                Douglas Okeya **Acting/interim Vice Chair
Secretary - Gideon Mbogo
V. Sec. - Monica Nyambura
Treasurer - William Sila

Regional Representatives
Deaf Representatives

KSLIA Officials 2009 - 2012
Chair - Susan Mugwe
Secretary - Aggrey Akaranga
Treasurer - Monica Nyambura 

Regional Representatives
Nairobi/Central Region - Jack Owiti
Western/Nyanza Region - Simon Angira
Coast Region - Witness Tsuma
Deaf Representatives 
Washington Akaranga
Elizabeth Khamala

KSLIA Officials 2006 - 2009
Chair – Jack Owiti
Secretary – Mary Njoki
Treasurer – the Late Eunice Kasisi (RIP)
Regional Representatives
Western Region – Simon Angira
Central Region – David Agondwa
Coast Region – the Late Elizabeth Mwamburi (RIP)
Nairobi Region – Victoria Adhiambo
Deaf Representatives -- 
Washington Akaranga - KSL Training
Elizabeth Khamala - Deaf Blind
Jefwa Mweri – spokesperson for the association

KSLIA Founding Officials - Technical Working Group 2000 - 2006
Simon Angira, Mary Njoki, Catherine Wambui, Leonida Kaula, Eunice Kasisi (RIP), Aggrey Akaranga, Susan Mugwe, Jack Owiti, Victoria Adhiambo, Isabel Mugure, Lucy Atieno, Nancy Odipo, Washington Akaranga, Jared Osome, Enock Ombok - assisted by RPCVs Kevin, Trish, Cate, PCrume, MJ - PCK convening the Naivasha meeting in September of 2000. 

Source KSLIA minutes, eye witness accounts and historical records. KSLIA (R) (C) 2013

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